OK, highlight of the afternoon seems to have been Neil Williams on emdebian (well, I had to support our local man from the southwest).  Unfortunately it was two talks in one (long) slot, and I had to leave to go elsewhere before the end of the second, the more interesting talk.  Tailored small distros for embedded devices, while maintaining the benefits of debian package and update compatibility and management.

The talk I had to go on to was caldav: wearing my Apache hat, I thought that could be directly relevant.  Having seen it, I now think that’s unlikely: it was mainly a call to clientside developers – even if I find myself revisiting Apache’s (ugly) mod_dav.

Finally, closing keynote from Leslie Hawthorn, on Google’s SOC.  She’s an entertainer, as befits someone whose job is program manager for some huge people-focussed thing like SOC.  I’ll stop blogging now, and enjoy 🙂

[update] Quote of the day: Our lawyers are paid to say yes. Just one group she has to work with, alongside geeks, beancounters, security staff (“paid to say no”), … Oh dear, sounds better when she tells it.


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