Daily Archives: February 15, 2009

Bike as invalid carriage

A week ago, as I left FOSDEM, I managed to injure my left foot in a stupid accident.  I’ve been limping all week, and in intermittent moderate pain.  This afternoon I was out on the moors, and limping less than before as the foot gradually mends.

This evening I had arranged to meet friends at a pub.  The pub is about one mile from home, and normally I’d never consider anything other than walking to get there.  But setting out, within a couple of minutes I had quite a lot of pain up the whole left leg.  The idea of walking any further lacked appeal.

Could I phone my friends and cancel?  They’ll be on the way already, and I’ll need to find a phone number.  Better if I can make it.  So as a second try, I got the bike out, and took it along the main road to avoid any significant uphill.  Result: I was able to pedal with both legs, and no pain at all in the bad foot!

Well, I’ve heard of the bike as invalid carriage for people who have difficulty walking.  Now, on a very minor scale, I’ve experienced it at first hand!  Just returned home, and the bad foot feels better than it did before I set out.