Daily Archives: February 18, 2009

Sir PTerry

Congratulations to one of my favourite authors on his nite-hood[1].  Terry Pratchett is certainly a fine author, albeit a lightweight one.  Sir PTerry’s zany nonsense combines very easy reading with some fine commentary and insights on the human condition.  All set in a fantasy world with a delightful logic of its own, in the tradition of Lewis Carroll.

But can that really justify a knighthood?  Looking at the great majority of our best authors who don’t get one, it could be considered to be stretching a point.  Perhaps his diagnosis with early onset Alzheimers, and decision to go public and use his fame to campaign for it, has something to do with his recognition, too.

What deserves more recognition?  A fine author, or a tragic hero?  Sir PTerry is undoubtedly both of those.  I’d like to think the former counts for something, but in a society where a sporting medal seems to mean more than a great work of art, I fear the latter may be what really counts.

[1] © the Fools Guild of Ankh-Morpork.