Snow? What snow?

It’s all over the news: there’s been snow in south-east England, so of course the country grinds to a halt.

Here we’ve had none.  Well, the merest hint of fluffy white stuff, but not enough to lie on the ground.  Not even on the higher moors is there a hint of white.  It’s a chill wind – by our mild standards – but that’s all.

So I have to infer our MP, Geoffrey Cox, was bullshitting when he complained of people here being deprived of “cold weather payments” to which they are entitled (quoted in “today in parliament”, on Radio 4).  Sorry, we don’t get cold weather here, and we don’t have it now.  FWIW, it’s midnight, I’m sitting at the computer wearing one pullover for warmth, but with my window open and – of course – no heating on.  And yes, I was up on Dartmoor today, and up on the higher moors both Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and Cox said they measure the temperature on Dartmoor from that in Plymouth.  That’s just nonsense: the met office make separate measurements, and they are updated continually on weather websites, such as the BBC’s.

I hope transport in the southeast will be running again by Friday, so I can take the train to FOSDEM.

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