Humbug is here

Went to a lunchtime concert: Devon Sinfonietta at the United Reformed Church, playing Haydn and Gershwin.  This is the first time I’ve heard of the orchestra, and they turned out to be a youth group.  Or less charitably, a fancy school orchestra, though I think in practice they are selected players from a number of schools.  Anyway, I quite enjoyed the music.  Worth going to on a wet saturday afternoon ten minutes walk away, but not too much more.

The church is much smaller inside than it looks from the outside, but pleasant  and comfortable.  That’s a contrast to Tavistock’s main church, which is much bigger and gets the top performers (such as the Devon Baroque last week) but a is terrible place to sit, even if you get one of the relatively-few seats with a decent view.

But more disturbingly, the wretched place has “christmas” crap, and big banners outside advertising the sale of christmas cards.  Doesn’t the church notionally follow the teachings of a man who took violent direct action against merchants trading in a temple?  I’d have been happy to forgive them that, but NOT this humbuggery before at least December.  And it’s only bloody October, ferchrissake!

Bah, Humbug.

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  1. Yeah, christmas decorations usually go up in shops here in October as well. I suppose that’s what gets me thoroughly annoyed with the whole thing by the time we reach December.
    Skipping the whole thing to go somewhere nice and warm for a couple of weeks seems mighty tempting. The trouble is in finding a nice beachside bar with decent wireless coverage 😉

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