Black mark to Ubuntu

So, I power up the desktop (from hibernation) this morning.  And it’s cocked up the time change away from Daylight Saving Time.

Not just a simple “got it wrong”, but the system clock has been moved the hour.  So it gives me the same time as my watch (with no attempt at automation) says, but calls it “GMT”.  That’s seriously wrong!

Last time I saw such breakage was in Windows 95.  I’ve taken great care not to let Windows try to do anything complicated (like, say, tell any time other than GMT, at any time of year) since then.  To see Ubuntu doing it is deeply shocking.


Posted on October 28, 2007, in linux, rants. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Is the BIOS maybe a problem? Is your hardware clock set to UDT?

  2. The bios is AFAIK fine, and had no problem with the last change, back in the spring. And I would never run the hardware clock on anything other than UTC – that’s a nightmare. It also runs ntp, but evidently failed to fix the hour (possibly because of a boot-time sequencing error).

    Possibly also relevant: the state saved from hibernation. I think it may have entered hibernation during the “repeated” hour.

    None of that excuses messing up the system clock. The O/S shouldn’t touch the underlying clock: that’s ntp’s job!

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