Getting our river back

Now that the summer weather is past, we appear to be getting our river back.  Over this week, much of the building crap has been removed. There are what looks like some permanent changes: a third level of weir, and a new concrete construction around where the water gets siphoned off for the canal. The canal is also looking healthier, though that could be in part because it was dark (well, deep twilight) when I last looked, and the canal definitely looks it’s best (beautiful) in those conditions.

Hopefully they’ll reopen the path within a few days. They’ve now had the full 90 days closure they claimed, so we bloomin’ well should get it back. No excuse for delay, either: the weather has been very good during the time it’s been closed, in contrast to the wet weather earlier in the summer.

Posted on October 26, 2007, in tavistock. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Not so sure about “a few days” – it looks to me like they’ve a little way to go yet. There were some men working on the new wall around the canal inlet on Saturday (must be running behind schedule if they’re working on a Saturday!) and the digger was still there, although much of the other kit had gone.

    Hopefully the canal water level will be back to normal soon so that the ducks can return to their usual haunts and Morwellham Power Station’s hydro turbines can start turning again.

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