By the calendar it’s spring.  By the weather it’s high summer, with daytime temperatures well into the twenties and lots of sunshine.  And our reservoirs were unusually low for the season even back in January and February, before (by some accounts) the driest March on record, and an April that thinks it’s June.

So you’d think spring produce would be in the shops.  Yet my attempt to find spring onions just now failed to find any such thing in two greengrocers and one supermarket!  As with most produce they’re usually in the shops in all seasons – either imported from distant parts or force-grown in artificial conditions when out of season.  Yet now, nothing!  Bah, Humbug.

More positively, I’ve got some nice firmly-in-season asparagus and rhubarb in the kitchen, and six months of continually-varying seasonal goodies ahead.

As for the weather, will it turn out like 2007 when a hot dry April was followed by heavy rain, with floods in parts of the country, in June/July?  Or will this year be the big drought?

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  1. Strange – I bought some English spring onions first thing this morning from one of the greengrocers you mention, and they seemed to have plenty then. Maybe the unseasonal weather is encouraging us all to eat more salad so they sold out…? Got the Cornish asparagus too!

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