Pint mugs

There’s one drink above all others I drink by the pint: tea.  I think I manage as many pints of tea in a day as I do beer in a week.  At least, when the week doesn’t include pub sessions over and above drinks-after-choir.

Once upon a time, I could buy nice pint-sized tea mugs.  I had four, and used them all regularly.  Now alas I’m down to two, as one of them got lost(!) and another developed a hairline crack and had to go.

But nowadays I can’t find them in the shops!  The only pint mugs in evidence are tall thin ones, that’ll be at high risk of capsizing disastrously if I take them to bed – as I do every day.  The ones I like have a big wide base and are stable and safe in bed (provided I’m alone there)!

The picture contrasts a nice cuppa tea I just made with a couple of mugs and cups of regular sizes.  Anyone know where I can get mugs in something like this size and shape these days?

Pint mug contrasts with normal-size mugs, and an espresso-cup.

I need more pint mugs, but where can I get them?

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  1. I have a friend who drinks tea from a glass tankard that (I think) he nicked from a pub.

    If you want your own lawfully-acquired one, I believe glass pint mugs are not that hard to find in the shops. At least they weren’t when I last looked.

  2. Bert’s Homestore has lots of them, at least our Branch does. Thick pottery ones, whitish with either stripes or spots in any colour you happen to fancy. I thought them quite pricey at £4.99, but they’re there.

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