Luxury shopping

I’ve just been to Tavistock’s long-anticipated new shop, which opened last Thursday.  After they proactively consulted us ahead of time, I was slightly surprised when the first I knew of it was when I saw customer activity in and around it.

Our new Lidl offers one huge advantage over Morrisons and Somerfield/Coop: peace and quiet (no muzak).  That makes it an altogether more pleasant shopping experience!  To add a further touch of luxury, it offers trolleys that, although they have a lock, keep it out of the way of holding the bar, so they are usable without doing the back in.  Just as well, since they don’t have baskets!  The downside of that is that I left with a heavier load on my back than I’m accustomed to of late.

Lidls offers a fair range of supermarket produce and a few other things.  There’s less choice of many things than in Morrisons or Somerfield, but at the same time there are a few interesting and luxury things.  Combining it with the market and the smaller shops in the town centre should help greatly reduce my use of the unpleasant supermarkets.  Unfortunately it doesn’t replace everything I’m accustomed to getting at Morrisons, and only some of those things can be replaced by DIY.  For example, I can and sometimes do squeeze my own oranges for fresh juice, but I can’t brew my own wide range of good English beers (Lidls had only one brand I would consider worth buying).

All in all, a modest but welcome improvement to my life!

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