Power consumption trends.

I just looked at my latest electricity bill.  EDF (the supplier) appears to have introduced a usage measure, showing my comparative consumption now vs the last quarter and a year ago:

My electricity consumption

That’s a small reduction, which is entirely explained by the fact that I was away from home for 3 of the 14 weeks covered, as against 1 of (probably) 13 last year. No surprise there: I haven’t changed my lifestyle, and much of my usage is dictated by the fact that I work full-time from home (which means 100+ hours/week of computer time, and corresponding kitchen usage). In other words, no real change.

I don’t know what their units are, but good on EDF for including this information. If it helps some users to “slim”, then it can’t be a bad thing! At least, until it induces complacency. Have other suppliers introduced anything like that?

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  1. Yeah the electric company we use here in New England does that as well, National Grid. We also use direct debit but they do send us a bill. I enjoy seeing how the energy fluctuates – usually dictated by heating and cooling, even though we have computers running all the time.

    Would be nice if you could track this info via their website. They have a decent website but of course there is a lot of room for improvement!

  2. One unit of electricity is one kilowatt hour – it’s a standard measure used throughout the industry.

  3. My supplier doesn’t provide this information. Like you, I think it’s a rather good idea. Could you email me the scanned image, and I’ll send it on to them and suggest they do something similar?

    Cheers, John

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