Copyediting the book

I’ve now got Chapters 1-3 back from the copyeditor. At first glance, there’s not too much damage, and most of it is fairly innocuous.

So the difficult question is: when I have a problem with something, how do I deal with it? Just change it back? Write a long note explaining? Curse copyeditors faffing about to justify their existence?

The good news is, the slightly controversial bit seems to have survived. I won’t say more until that’s definite, lest it reach the ears of someone who objects.

Oh, btw I’ve started to make apachetutor into the book’s companion site. This was long-planned, but needed a round tuit.


Posted on October 13, 2006, in apache. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Hmmm. After actually correcting the stuff in two chapters, I’m less happy about it. Yes, most of the changes are harmless, but there are some that actually change the meaning, or make it nonsensical.

    And of course, there are a couple of pages where *I* want to change my original words about something. There always are.

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