The wet weather we’ve had with scarcely a break since sometime in April seems to be ending the year by filling our reservoirs right up …

South West Water's reservoir levels reach 100% full

Reservoir levels rose through the summer when they’d normally fall, and have finally reached 100%.

There’s so much water above ground too that it’s reclaimed natural wetlands, such as the areas east of Exeter[1] that our transport routes to the rest of England have to cross.  Fortunately Dartmoor always has capacity to absorb more water and we’re not at risk of flooding here, but other areas of southwest England have had more than their share over the past few weeks.  Indeed, even back in the summer there was sufficient rain to cut us off briefly, as floods and landslips affected railways and roads.

[1] The Somerset Levels are the most famous of those wetlands, but a chunk of East Devon is much the same terrain.

Posted on December 28, 2012, in floods. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Yet more persistent rain, and even Dartmoor is looking saturated. Whitchurch Down on the edge of the moor is one of those areas that ‘never’ loses its capacity for more, but tonight it was covered in surface water as we crossed it to go for a pub meal.

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