I’ve got around to the most tedious post-FOSDEM chore: keysigning.  Last night I signed 89 keys verified at the keysigning, and this morning I imported a bunch of signatures people have mailed me (though I expect the latter may continue arriving for a while).  All great for building a web of trust, especially in terms of bootstrapping the new 4096-bit key.

The FOSDEM keysigning event itself was … different.  It took place outdoors, with a gusting wind that made wielding a wodge of paper quite challenging, let alone writing on it, all the while with an extra hand required to exchange identity documents with everyone.  At least it didn’t rain!

This year’s FOSDEM weekend was quite mild for early February – in contrast to the past two years.  I was fine in just my middling-weight fleece and good layer of natural organic insulation, but then I’m always fine when others are shivering.  It was evidently a bit more of an ordeal for some from warmer climes, leaving one with a hint of a moral dilemma.  Surely as a gentleman I should go to the aid of the (very attractive) spanish girl who was visibly suffering from cold/wind?  But alas, that defeats the purpose of being out there in the first place, not to mention being open to …. interpretation.  Maybe I’ll take Don Quixote to next year’s FOSDEM, to be mentally prepared for chivalrous folly 😉

If anyone thinks I should have signed their key but haven’t, feel free to drop me a line.  If it’s because I didn’t in fact make a note of having verified your identity, then sorry, no deal.  But it could also be that I overlooked someone when reviewing my notes last night, in which case I’ll be happy to re-check the notes for the tick against your key.

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