Secular Values

The pope warns against secular values.  What does he mean?  I just heard a discussion on the wireless, in which three participants pleaded ignorance, while a fourth interpreted it as materialism.  Erm … a warning against materialism, coming from someone so fabulously rich the Vatican’s treasures make Harrods look like a 99p shop?  Yeah, right.

He has every reason to be upset.  Secular values are doing big damage to his Church through most of the developed world.  Specifically the central secular values of open information and enquiry, combined with that of child protection, are displacing the centuries-old deference to God’s Ministers.  What’s worse, having determined that we no longer automatically accept that the Father is right in whatever he does, the nasty secular world is backdating it a generation and blaming the church for ancient practice and custom.  I guess that’s the evil inherent in having a now-adult generation grown up with the late-20th-century secular values of Human Rights.

Pope and Archbishop embrace

What a bore! These secular values mean I can only play with the mature chaps.

(Image from the Telegraph.  Sorry I only have the image URL, not the page it’s in, so I don’t even know if they published a caption with it).

Oh, and in another story of possibly-secular values, two men just got convicted for selling sperm over the ‘net.  Hats off to them: I really can’t imagine performing into a modem myself!

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  1. It is the native of conservative churches, of which the RCs are the biggest by far, to attempt to resist change by banging on the same ol’ reiterative drum, as though it’s up to society to align with their values rather than them to get a grip. In the constant saw-tooth-wave of pressure, some will go under altogether; even the RCC will eventually be out-evolved when the majority of society realises how out-moded it is. The only question is how many sore choristers it takes before the inevitable happens…

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