Thank you bishop

I don’t often have good words about religious leaders.  But since Bush & Blair brought a new reign of righteous terror on ever-increasing parts of the world, the Church of England has been something of a voice of reason.  With His Holiness The Liar gone, I wonder if anyone might even listen?

Today’s news: The Archbishop of Canterbury (who is second only to the Queen in the CofE hierarchy) has spoken out strongly about starting any more wars in the middle east.  Of course it’s easy for him: neither his job nor his funding depends on producing and selling armaments[1].  In the case of the Rt Revd Dr Williams, I expect he really does find it painful when his country inflicts untold suffering on millions of people.  And speaks from a position of some authority.  Well done that man!

[1] except insofar as it may be linked to the UK economy.

Posted on October 5, 2007, in politics, uk, war. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Ditto. Whatever one’s religious beliefs or lack of them, I’ve always felt that Rowan Williams is a sincere and compassionate man. We could do with more like him.

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