For reasons too arcane to explain (aka “you have to have been there”), I recently wanted to post an upside-down photo in a forum I frequent.  I found a rather good subject in a couple of snaps I recently got of our canal in the early evening sunlight.


(Click photo for a better version of the image – wordpress’s editor loses something by scaling it down further than I had done).

The reflection in the water gives the illusion of a photo the right way up, with something just slightly unnatural about it – impressionist art comes to mind.  Also reminded me slightly of playing with xv’s filters – like the “oil painting” option – back in the early days of colour displays for ‘puters, before “photoshop” became a generic term for that and other kinds of manipulation.  But this photo is completely natural: the only filter applied is reflection in dark water.

Here’s a more conventional (right way up) snap that shows the general scene:


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