Daily Archives: March 23, 2016

Blessed relief

After about six months, the scaffolding is gone from next door.  When it went up I naturally supposed they’d be completing the work before the traditional storms of around October/November.  Down on the road in front were not one but two lorries to take it away!  The banging started uncomfortably early this morning, but was the last.  The ghetto-blaster wasn’t a devastating development in the workmen who had been installing insulation next door, but a one-off.  It blighted an online meeting at noon today, but fortunately I wasn’t presenting anything and stayed on mute.

Next door are the second house on this road to have had such insulation installed recently, and both had scaffolding up for many months while work took place only occasionally amid long intervals of inactivity.  Presumably something has to be left for long periods, on a principle something like leaving paint to dry before the next coat.

Now I can fully open my bedroom curtain again without the risk of workmen watching me in bed.  And my front terrace area is no longer the base of their scaffolding, though I think it’s still somewhat covered in debris.