Non-incoming call

These days I have an android ‘phone[1]. Specifically, a Moto G, with android version 4.4.4 according to info. I’m using CSipSimple to enable my home (landline) number on it. Mostly that works fine, and it seems quite rare to have sufficient signal for voice calls but not for SIP. So all’s well, isn’t it?

Yesterday I got an incoming SIP call while I was out. But taking it out of my pocket, the screen wasn’t showing the call, and I had no way to answer it. I typed in my PIN code, and still it was ringing, but still nothing on the screen. Ouch! What’s going wrong?

Having failed to think of anything more sensible, I went straight for the crude approach of power cycling. That has occasionally fixed things when the system appears to overload itself due to too many open apps, or is running warm for no reason I can fathom. Not that that helps with testing incoming SIP calls, so I tried googling, but failed (admittedly without trying very hard) to find reports of similar problems.

Just now I got another incoming SIP call (no caller number, so no answer). This one did display. It was at home, so on wifi. Could that have made all the difference, and if so is there anything I can do to fix the problem when out and about? Or was this some unknown bug that may have been cured by reboot, or pure Heisenbug?

[1] This is not a good thing. I’d much rather have my late lamented Nokia (from the days when Nokia made really good phones) back. But that’s no longer an option: its successor in 2012 the Nokia E6-00 was such a bugridden steaming pile as to be effectively unusable, and the android is a vast improvement on that.


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  1. Could that have made all the difference, and if so is there anything I can do to fix the problem when out and about?

    Damn, of course that’s nonsense. Incoming SIP calls have worked fine on other occasions, including out and about.

    I had a little scare with it just after writing the above. I allowed it to install the motorola upgrade/service pack, only to find mobile data stopped working (as in this thread). Turned out it had changed the settings to try and connect to my provider’s PAYG data service, to which I don’t subscribe. A horribly obscure setting to find and fix!

  2. I still have a Nokia phone, from the days after they made really good phones. (A Lumia 520. If I remember rightly, it cost me NZ$200 – no contract – about 18 months ago.)

    It’s actually still pretty good…

    Mind, I have no experience of receiving SIP calls on it.

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