The apple in winter

I know I’ve blogged before about the macbook’s dead wifi.  That’s now a worked-around problem: it generally serves as a desktop-substitute at the treadmill, where it can use wired networking.  And if I want to use it elsewhere, I can connect it with USB+4G.

I don’t think i’ve ever troubled the blogosphere with a lesser but nevertheless very annoying problem: the macbook’s inability to hibernate in winter.  I set it to sleep in the evening, then when I come back in the morning it’s unresponsive to anything on the keyboard, or any mouse click.  Sometimes the screen is screwed too; other times it’s a perfectly normal but just unresponsive password screen.  Nothing short of powering it down and hard reboot will revive it.  That’s both frustratingly slow, and sits very poorly with the number of applications – particularly browser tabs – I keep alive.  Past experience tells me this problem goes away with the warmer weather in spring, but not for quite a while.

Any tips for using a macbook in winter?  Keeping certain apps open will prevent it sleeping so it remains warm and active indefinitely, but that goes against my principle of not wasting more electricity than a standby-state for overnight or longer periods.

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  1. Very odd. It sounds to me like a component defect – something that works when it’s warmer (and therefore has expanded a little) and doesn’t when it’s cold and the component has contracted (or perhaps there’s a “dry” joint between some parts that opens up in cold conditions). FWIW my ancient MacBook’s hibernation feature seems to work year round although I do switch it off manually most nights.

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