The new workspace

Since buying the treadmill desk I’ve been enjoying some benefits.  I’m just as fat as ever, and the back is neither better nor worse, but I’m getting a lot less neck and shoulder pain.

I’ve also bought a 27″ monitor and desk-mounting arm to go with it.  I think 27″ was a mistake: 24″ with the same (1080p) resolution would’ve served me better.  Either way, I now have the luxury of sufficient width for three working windows at full height and without overlap, which is very nice.  And the sound surprised me by being rather better than the old monitor, though of course neither was bought with sound quality in mind.

The monitor works fine with both laptops.  As a matter of convenience I’m using it with the macbook.  Here I can use a wired internet connection where it’s needed, and wireless from the ultrabook when I’m elsewhere in the house (or away).  This is a real shame, because it loses me the benefit of the macbook’s own screen, whose display quality is far and away the best of any I have.

As for the treadmill, I felt tired very quickly for the first day or two but rapidly grew accustomed to it.  On a working day now its computer clocks up double-digit distance (measured in Km) at speeds usually between 3 and 4 km/h (all speeds feel faster on the treadmill than in normal life, probably because the stride is much more constrained and one needs to keep the body much more static to use the ‘puter).  The fastest I’ve sustained was 5km/h, though that worked up too much of a sweat for anything more demanding than browsing the ‘net.  Of course, I still always alternate working at the treadmill with other places, though alas the ultrabook’s screen is far from adequate to take advantage of the summer weather and work outdoors.

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