Walking at work

OK, I have finally bitten the bullet and got myself a treadmill desk.  So now I can walk as I work, and see how much it helps my back, neck and shoulders.  Indeed, I am walking as I blog, and apart from work I can equally walk as I read, browse the ‘net, or play 🙂   Though in practice I expect I’ll alternate walking with all my traditional postures: sitting at a desk, sitting on a sofa, lying down.  The treadmill is good for six hours a day, which I’m sure is ample!

First impression: walking indoors is a lot harder than walking the streets, let alone the green spaces.  The first things I felt were the need to open a lot more window than the small top-windows I always open for ventilation, and a desire to go and get myself a glass of water.  The motor is also a bit noisy, and rather negates having an ultra-quiet ‘puter 😦  I expect I’ll adjust to it with time, and learn how best to use it.

I’m also thinking: this is just the excuse I need to buy a shiny new 24″ desk-mounted monitor, with HDMI input I can use with a laptop.  That’ll also enable me to use the wifi-less macbook as a desktop box with wired connection!  Wondering if I can get a monitor with a mounting frame instead of a stand?  I tried both our local superstores (PC World and Currys) on the retail park, but neither of them has any such thing.

Also, glad to report myself back in the land of the living.  I was originally due to take delivery last week, but had to cancel because I was down with a nasty lurgy, incorporating fever and ague alongside lots of coughing and wheezing.  It was as much as I could do to get myself up the steps to the house, let alone a huge heavy package!

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