mod_form updated

mod_form is one of my old Apache modules.  It serves to parse a standard form, and make its contents available to application modules in Apache.  One fewer wheel for application modules to reinvent.

Like many of my older Apache modules, I wrote it for my own applications, but released it as open source in case it might be of use to anyone.  I hadn’t heard of anyone using it, but then I wouldn’t necessarily: I’ve seen my forgotten works pop up in a few different contexts, sometimes as-is, sometimes developed a lot further than I ever took them.

A day or two ago I got email from Peter Pöml, telling me that it is used by MirrorBrain to parse arguments.  But this usage requires a patch: mod_form as-was consumes the data so they no longer exist for anything else that needs the unparsed data.  A very simple patch: just copy the data before parsing and leave the original untouched.

The patched version has been in use since 2007.  But now it seems Fedora packaged it un-patched for MirrorBrain, leaving potential breakage in unexpected places.  Whoops!

Peter’s patch is simple and beneficial, and carries no risk of breaking anything.  So I’ve just applied it: download it now and you’ll get Peter’s improvement.  mod_form is not versioned (I never considered it important enough – maybe I’ll rethink if it’s being packaged in the mainstream) so it won’t be immediately obvious.  Blogging here for the benefit of anyone googling the story.

POSTSCRIPT (Jan 10): Peter mailed me again.  It seems my information was incomplete, and the Fedora package was patched after all.  There’s also another patch (from SUSE) for Apache 2.4 per-module logging, which I’ll look at when I have time.

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