Trafficserver 4

I meant to blog this upwards of a week ago, but I guess better late than never – at least when the subject isn’t so topical to the moment as to go instantly stale.

Apache Trafficserver 4.01 was released on August 30th.  It’s basically a production release of what has hitherto been the developer (unstable) series 3.3.x.  It’s actually also an incremental upgrade from earlier 3.x releases, in that existing users should be able to upgrade to 4.0 as a drop-in replacement or with very minimal reconfiguration, though of course test before deploying in production!  And if you use third-party add-ons, check with their developers or support.

Ironbee, the leading WAF and the add-on with which I’m substantially involved, has always tracked Trafficserver development versions, and is thus ready for Trafficserver 4.  Users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as you are ready, and subject of course to the general testing you would always apply to a change of platform.  If you find any issues arising, you are encouraged to raise them in the relevant fora for Ironbee and/or Trafficserver.

Please note, although I work on both the Trafficserver and Ironbee projects, I don’t speak on behalf of either of them when I blog.  None of the above is in any sense official.

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