Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

The wrong kind of diversity

What does our society think of Diversity?  Of course, we want it.  In fact we insist on it, and go to sometimes-absurd lengths to enforce it.

Except, it seems, when it’s the wrong kind of diversity.  The “diversity” we enforce is, it seems, strangely selective.

Just imagine if big employers (say, Tesco and Next) refused to employ black people.  No, of course it’s unthinkable!  That’s a basic principle on which we can all agree.  Yet when those very employers employ Eastern Europeans, they’re condemned for that too.  By no less than Chris Bryant, a senior politician from the Labour Party, supposedly the champions of the Equality and Diversity agendas.

Bryant backed down with egg on his face over a bunch of basic factual errors.  But we have been warned: there’s a right and a wrong kind of diversity, perhaps to be enforced on a whim by the often-arbitrary and fickle tyranny of Political Correctness.