Daily Archives: June 24, 2013

Summer Concert

It’s time to blog our forthcoming choral/orchestral concert of Handel, Schubert and Vivaldi.  It’s at the Guildhall, Plymouth, this Sunday June 30th.

The Vivaldi is that Gloria we all know.  The Schubert is his Mass in G, a simple and beautiful work showing the composer’s sunny and tuneful side in all the usual elements of a classical mass.

Handel’s Dixit Dominus is the most substantial of the three, and also the most unusual.  The text is biblical in the un-Bowdlerised[1] tradition, full of (Latin) words like “Thou shalt shatter their heads throughout the world”.  The music is rather more the formal Baroque than the familiar tunefulness of the Messiah and much of Handel’s work.  It’s a little more demanding to sing, and perhaps also to listen to.

Should be a decent concert if you’re in the area.

[1] Or should that be un-Constantine-ised, in that it was Constantine who started romanticising the bible story and introducing the kind of fairytale elements celebrated at Christmas.