Better fixed

Scottish nationalists have momentum.  Now an unlikely alliance of UK political parties, headed by prominent Scottish politician Alistair Darling, launch a joint campaign called “better together” to preserve the union.  That uneasy superstate known as the United Kingdom.

As an Englishman I won’t get the vote on this: the decision will be left to Scots.  That probably means we can expect to see some bribes to Scotland coming from the better together campaign, and the more uncertain the outcome, the more will be the bribes.  I expect proud Scots will reject the bribes, greedy Scots will grab them, and the balance will determine the eventual deal.  The broken state of our union with its festering injustices on both sides (from an English point of view, headed by the Westlothian Question and Barnett Formula) can only get worse.

This is not what we need.  If the union is to survive and prosper, the last thing it needs is this hopelessly broken state leading to legitimate grievances on both sides.  Right now there is one proposal on the table to fix that, and it’s coming from the SNP.  So long as it’s the only fix on offer, it has my support.  But then, I don’t get the vote.

Maybe we would indeed be better together.  But for the campaign to be credible, they need to tell us how they propose to fix the union.  If non-Scots had the vote, maybe we could hope for a decent alternative.

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  1. I like the way you’re thinking of it, as already broken, with Independence as a potential remedy. That’s certainly not an attitude I’ve seen before.

    Yorkshire chap gone in the right direction here – I will get to vote on it, in due course.

  2. I’d say the very last thing the UK needs is a war between Scotland and England, which was the usual method of resolving disputes pre-Union. There’s a reason Scots call France “the auld ally”.

    Let’s face it, England is going to end up paying Scotland for something. “Buying your enemies off” is pretty much the oldest form of diplomacy, and it’s no less popular now than it was in ancient times. If you don’t pay them (enough) to stay in the union, you’ll find yourselves paying instead for access to their oil and gas (not just for the fuel itself – I’m talking about added charges for the privilege of piping the stuff south of the border), their water, their universities and health care, use of their airspace and coastline (for military purposes)…

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