Veni Creator Spiritus

I’m becoming quite a laggard in my blogging.  Must do better.

I spent the last weekend in Exeter, in the first of three weekend workshops, to prepare for a performance in September of Mahler’s 8th symphony, the “symphony of a thousand“.  As a choral singer, this is one of those works one really must perform at least once in a lifetime, but one where the logistics of mounting a performance present such a challenge that opportunity doesn’t often arise.  Hence when I heard that the EMG Symphony Orchestra were organising a performance and recruiting singers from further afield than Exeter, I was happy to enroll.

This first weekend for the chorus was dedicated to the first movement, setting the latin hymn Veni Creator Spiritus.  For this work I seem to have ended up on the bottom bass line of Choir 1, based on identifying where there seemed to be the fewest others on the line (of any line compatible with my voice).

I think I’m going to enjoy this.  But having stayed Saturday night at the Holiday Inn (the nearest hotel to the rehearsal venue), I shall definitely be looking for an alternative next time.  I’d probably get a more comfortable stay in student halls if I book them for the next workshop in July.  Or I might upgrade to the Premier Inn, though that’s a longer walk to the venue.

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  1. Premier Inn is my “if in doubt…” choice, as it’s consistently okay. Nothing spectacular, nothing disastrous, reasonably-priced. Better than the Best Western lottery or B&B roulette.

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