Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

Benign spam

Can you spam without being evil?

A local tech (‘puter/etc) shop seems to have found a way.  A notice on his door tells me that if I ‘like’ his facebook page, I get entered monthly for a draw.  The monthly prize is £15, so just a small incentive, but then it’s only a one-man business.

I guess that’s another manifestation of the same popularity/visibility game that gives us link farming and worse forms of spam.  But this one seems pretty-much harmless: it’s just playing the rating systems.  When ratings get gamed and subverted (like the once-useful TripAdvisor) it seems to me more a weakness of the system itself (insofar as the system rewards the gamer) than anything else.

OK, I’m probably hopelessly behind the curve here, observing something you already knew.  Hmmm …