Having all the shops shut for two days calls for a little discipline.  OK, I’m not going to starve if I run out of something and can’t go out and buy it, but I like a little bit of luxury.

And so it came to pass that while the fridge was not yet bereft of milk and fruit juice, yet were they not so plentiful as to last even unto the fourth day hence (Dec.27th) without undue frugality.  So doing epic battle with the crowds, I ventured forth even unto Morrisons wherein I stocked up on these things.  I’d hoped also to grab a couple of bottles of a wine that I’d recently picked up on half-price offer and which had mightily impressed, but alas it was no longer on offer.

Although the crowds in town were indeed mighty, those at Morrisons were surprisingly reasonable: much less than earlier in December.  So it was that I took a moment to see if anything interesting was on a good price reduction, and found myself so richly rewarded that I not only have tasty provisions for the days of total shutdown, but a surplus selected from such fresh items as are suitable for home freezing.  Delicious!

Also chatted to a lady who was loading up with bargains and described doing even better a year ago, when snow and ice kept most of the customers away and the shops had been truly desperate to shift the fresh food at any price.  Guess I should be shopping on Dec.24th more often!

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