Bunkering down

This is unquestionably the worst time of year.  It’s dark most of the day, and to make it worse people are burning coal, wood, and other things turning the air foul.  This year remains thoroughly mild, in what may be a reversion to normal after two real winters.

And the season of humbug is in full swing.  I can cope with a few stupid lights – even flashing ones.  And a salvation army band (or whatever it was) in town playing lots of David Willcocks arrangements.

But the shops are a whole nother story.  Not just the display of ‘seasonal’ crap, but bigger crowds than at other times.  And that’s not gift shops, toyshops, or even clothes shops, it’s bloomin’ supermarkets.  Do they all eat twice as much for the whole month of December?

I wonder if I can bunker down and live on tinned/frozen/miscellaneous longlife food for the next three weeks?  Ugh 😦

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  1. Don’t! You’ll be fed up to the back teeth with the tinned etc. stuff long before Christmas. Just grin and bear it – and try the supermarket early in the morning, before school start time. At least you won’t be queueing at the butchers! That’s your silver lining. And of course, you can come here and recover as usual in January!


  2. I’m taking the extreme option this year and decamping to New Zealand…

  3. John, you’re sadly deluded if you think New Zealand will be any less Christmas-infested. Trust me on this.

    The weather is nicer, sure. But you’ll have to put up with Santa in shorts (or worse). To say nothing of “reindeer” designed by people who have clearly never been closer to a real reindeer than watching a Disney cartoon about Rudolf. Look like nothing so much as mutant giraffes, they do.

  4. Don’t worry, Vet. We won’t be spending much time in any of the major cities. Our Christmas will be on a remote dairy farm down in South Island (or is that “up” from your perspective?).

    Maybe they’ll have cows with reindeer antlers – now there’s a thought…

  5. Take a sunny Saturday and it’s not just the shops. The whole bloomin’ town is heaving, even outside the central shopping areas. Where do they all come from?

  6. I emptied all my reserves (I do eat twice as much – not just in December).
    I’m afraid I’ll have to get out sooner or later and *into* a supermarket.

  7. Igor, yeah, I remember eating with you and struggling to keep up. Think it was FOSDEM 2010. Though when I was your age ….

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