Starting today, I am once again a wage slave.  But this time, only half a wage slave: my regular commitment is part-time.  As usual, I’ll be working from home, using our information infrastructure to work with colleagues around the world.

I think this should be an excellent arrangement: a regular income together with the freedom to undertake other tasks – paid or otherwise.  Including the magnum opus on which I’ve been doing quite a lot of work of late (but more on that subject in due course).  I hope I’m right about part-time working well for me, though only time will tell.

Today I have done some paperwork, grabbed some software from github, and spoken to my new boss.  I expect to do a lot of interesting work with that software in the coming weeks and months.

More to come, I’m sure.  But I have yet to discuss blogging with my new masters, so for the time being at least I’ll take the side of caution over saying anything more specific.

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