Life Update

This blog is looking sparse of late!

One reason for that is last week, which I spent dog-sitting for friends.  Moved into their house for most of it.  With no broadband and only a very limited (read: slow) mobile data connection I was semi-offline, and certainly wasn’t indulging in low-priority activity like blogging.  The week was hard work but also good fun: an element of the holiday to it, but of the busman variety.

Also online I’ve been following the progress of OpenOffice into the Apache Incubator.  It was accepted today, so that will now go ahead!  The debate generated hundreds of emails per day over the week, which was unfortunate timing with my limited connectivity.

In national news, we’re now officially into a drought in one region of England: East Anglia is a dry area as well as Britain’s richest arable farming area (I expect the wheat crop is suffering, among others).  Here we have semi-drought.  But at the same time, we’ve started to get some rain: several heavy showers over my week with the dog should be sufficient to halt (albeit briefly) the decline of water supplies and tables.  Yesterday we finally had a longer spell of real rain, sufficient to raise the level in the river to near-spate for a couple of hours.  But even with that, the ground is already dry again up on the edge of the moors.  The forecast now is mixed: sunny days and showers, which is probably healthy!

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