RIP spring

Our once-beautiful tree has been looking dead of late, with no sign of blossom or leaf.  But in the case of a tree whose wood looks healthy, I wouldn’t rule out a return of life in future, perhaps when we get another mild (non-)winter.  I’ve heard the experts on the BBC’s Gardeners Question Time tell of circumstances where an apparently-dead tree can revive.

Today all hope is gone as a gang of men, presumably from the council, have sawn it down.  There was the sound of a chainsaw, and when I walked down into town I saw Paddons Row full of big branches being chopped up and taken away, so I had to divert my route.  All that’s left is a sad stump.

Just a couple of years ago, this tree really was our spring, with its sweet scent of blossom bringing the place to life in February and even late January when all else is dark and drear.  RIP beautiful tree, and our little bit of spring. 😦

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  1. I followed your links, hoping for a photo, since the subject is visual beauty in a public place. But no. The closest I could found was on Google Streetview, which is quite impressive but from a distinctly sub-optimal angle.

  2. You looked on streetview from Old Exeter Road? Yes, you can see the top of the tree from there but it’s quite blurry. And it’s out of season for the blossom.

    The real view of it was coming up Paddons Row when you got the elegant trunk and branches, together with whatever foliage/flora were in season. Best experienced in blossom, in the season when all else is bleak.

  3. Google finds me which does it more justice than streetview, though obscured by a load of clutter. Maybe that’s the one you found?

  4. Nope, the Streetview view was the one I found. Heck, I was quite proud to find that, given that the only clues I had were “Paddon’s Row” and a reasonable degree of certainty that it was somewhere in south-west England.

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