Daily Archives: January 29, 2011

Barriers to free trade

I have a 19″ monitor that’s surplus to requirement.  It’s a great big CRT, and was last used four years ago.  But it was a top-end monitor in its time, and might still be of interest to a CRT fan.

I’ve just looked at putting it on freecycle (again – been through this loop before).  Happy to donate it to a good home: no charge if you collect!

But it turns out that I can only advertise on freecycle if I sign up to them.  Which in turn means signing up to Yahoo, a procedure that requires an annoyingly extensive form and an eyesight test (with silent “audio” alternative).  I am reminded why I’ve never signed up for bloody freecycle. 😦

If anyone reading this is subscribed to Tavistock/West Devon Freecycle, please post: OFFER: 19″ Monitor, Iiyama Visionmaster Pro 450, with a pointer to this blog entry.  Or if you can use it yourself and collect from here (Tavistock), just let me know.