November – back to normal!

The Big Freeze is all over the news.  Yep, we have frost as early in the season as November!  That’s in contrast to many recent years like 2006/7 or 2007/8.  It’s even a contrast to last winter’s real snow, which came a little later in the season and never quite brought an old-fashioned cold spell.

Is winter reverting to something more like “normal”, when a first frost – indeed a 24-hour frost – would be pretty sure to come sometime in November, and going out on Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th) could get chilly?

In other non-news the season of humbug is upon us and the shops and streets are full of crap.  Brings nostalgia for the Italian winter, when the festive season had the virtue of brevity, so it wasn’t so drained of meaning.

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  1. The press don’t have enough to occupy them, or perhaps prefer to report the weather because it is easy, than real news because they might need to do some real work for that.

    For much of UK close to sea level sub-zero temperature are always below average (see say monthly averages for Durham in Wikipedia), but they aren’t unusual, so not really news. And I don’t think the seasons have altered substantially in the UK due to climate change yet, at most a few days shuffling at either end.

    When we get early cold snaps it is typically with arctic lows blown in by northerlies, and that is precisely what happened this time. Weather as per normal. If there is any climate effect it will be this is milder than a typical arctic low at the same time due to the lower than normal ice extent in the arctic.

    I wouldn’t trust your recall of past bonfire nights, you were probably smaller then and lost heat quicker, and keener to stand in the cold for a pretty flash of light, or to poke bonfires if you were a typical child.

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