Tavistock at war!!

There seems to be a lot going on this evening.

First a band starts up.  That is, an outdoor-style band.  I thought a brass band, but later heard something more like the drone of bagpipes played without a discernible tune.  Whatever else may have been there was overwhelmed by the relentless pounding of a big drum.  Ouch!

Next up, the tinny sound of something like an ice cream van on steroids, playing the most inane of tunes: “oh I do like to be beside the seaside” and “we’re all going on a summer holiday”.  When I say on steroids, I mean no ice cream van I’ve encountered could’ve been quite so loud.  It was playing concurrently with the pounding drum: indeed, the two seem to be in competition.

There were a couple of lesser contenders, but I can’t even bring them to mind any more (at this moment, there’s something including competing tannoys with shouting voices and other crap).  Probably just as well the mind has swept some of it away!  I think if I head up the road away from town, I may be able to escape it.  But the usual yobs club is due to start up at nine, too, so darkness won’t end the crap.


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  1. So… do you think the bagpipes were allied with the ‘brass band’, or in opposition to it?

    Ah, how I miss the rich cultural tapestry of old England.

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