My ‘net connection was up and down like a yoyo yesterday, including during the ASF AGM (on IRC).  About 9:30 p.m. it gave up the ghost completely, and none of the usual quick&dirty fixes (like switching to another router) worked.

At first I thought it was just no DNS (as happens occasionally), but one of my routers has useful enough diagnostics to tell me there’s no connection.  The log shows PPPOA failing consistently with LCP timeout.

So ‘phone my ISP.  The man on support wants me to try various things: since I’ve already tried three different routers, I should jiggle all my wires, and try another ADSL filter, unplug everything else, ‘cos if they send a technician out to sort it and it turns out to be my gear that’s at fault, it’ll cost!  OK, ring off, find another filter, crawl under desks[1] to play with fiddly things in the wall, retest, iterate.

This morning, try same again.  Same result.  A little after half past seven, call ISP again.  This time the support guy thinks he recognises the problem, and should be able to deal with it himself.  All I need to do is unplug the router and leave it an hour.  Which is where I am now, blogging from the pocket-puter and contemplating whether to try and figure out connection sharing.  Dammit, before we had ADSL I did that as a matter of course with the ancient FreeBSD box attached to the ISDN!

Still perplexed by tethering via a ‘phone.  It’s supposed to be trivial, but seems to insist on using a ‘phone as a dumb modem, which is no use if you don’t have a dialup number and username/password for it.

[1] Behind the table I work at is another with things like printer, scanner, router on.  I have to crawl under both to access the ‘phone socket.


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  1. Typically in tethering you use your phone as a modem, but connect over GPRS, so you’ll have a phone number of something like *99#. You’d find lots of examples out there on the net (if you had access to it…). I’m happy to let you see what I have (for Ubuntu).


  2. If you are on Vodafone then the instructions to get tethering to work with OpenSolaris and an e71 are here: they have the login and password!

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