Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

Sporting prowess

Ever since they announced the London Olympics, I’ve vaguely wished I had the artistic prowess to draw a simple cartoon.  It would’ve encapsulated the spirit of the event.  Specifically, a couple of enormously fat people in front of the telly, surrounded by discarded lager cans and pizza boxes.

I’m happy to see our local co-op has picked up on the same theme.  They’re offering a “World Cup Special“: buy a six-pack of lager, and get a free pizza.  Seems I’m not the only one to comprehend the true meaning of that branch of the entertainment industry known[1] as professional sport. 😉

On a related note, lots of retailers and service providers are offering high-value things “free if England win”.  I understand they’re backed by insurance, meaning some underwriters could stand to make huge losses if England were to win.  If they had had any fear of that happening, they might’ve been keen to slip a few millions to anyone with the power to ensure it doesn’t.

[1] Or, in the case of the Olympics, supposedly not.