Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

Who is at the door?

For today, I had arranged a walk and a pub lunch with a few friends.  I was expecting the first at about ten in the morning.  So when the doorbell rang at about ten past, naturally I knew who to expect and just opened it.

Imagine my horror when it turned out not to be my friend, but two Jehovahs Witnesses.  Aaargh!!!  YOUR WIFE IS A BIG HIPPO!  Fortunately they only got into the building, not my flat – I spotted my mistake while they were on the stairs, and got rid of them.

It was only afterwards it occurred to me that it really could have been worse.  At least I hadn’t let in some mad gunman, like the one who killed several people in Cumbria just a couple of days ago!

Is this the kind of thought process that leads to mass hysteria about the barbarian at the gates?  Today’s moslems, yesterday’s jews.  Today’s holocaust deniers, yesterday’s heretics.  Today’s pedophiles, yesterday’s homosexuals.  Today’s immigrants, yesterday’s immigrants (oops)!

p.s. nice walk, nice lunch, marred only by one of our friends being unable to join us.