Apache TrafficServer

Congratulations to Leif Hedstrom and everyone else on the TrafficServer on graduating to an official Apache project, soon to be at trafficserver.apache.org.

TrafficServer is a high-performance web proxy/cache/accelerator.  It started life with Inktomi, and passed to Yahoo when they bought Inktomi.  Last year Yahoo donated it to Apache, since when it’s been in the Incubator.  In that time it’s started to build a diverse and welcoming community (though obviously Yahoo employees still feature heavily), and taken on the shape and form of a healthy Apache project.

Trafficserver’s chief claim to fame is that it manages the majority of Yahoo’s total web traffic[1], thus demonstrating extreme scalability running in a ‘cloud-like’ configuration on low-cost commodity hardware.  It also has a decent set of user-level documentation, so it should be straightforward to test-drive even if you’re uncertain whether it will be well-suited to your needs.

Congratulations also to the other newly-graduated Apache projects Mahout, Nutch, Tika, Avro and HBase.  One day I may find the time to look at some of them.

[1] If I understand aright.

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