Daily Archives: January 31, 2010


Pub quiz this evening.  Would it be cheating if I were to take the pocket-‘puter (aka ‘phone) and use it to google?

In my book yes, it would be cheating.  But there must surely be people who do it.  In any case, who cares, in the context of something so supremely unimportant as a pub quiz?

What about other, more meaningful events?  How many pocket-puters get taken into the exams our young folks are doing for real-life qualifications?  I have a distant recollection of the question of allowing pocket calculators being a hottish topic in my day; nowadays the calculator is one and the same device as the phone, camera, walkman, pocket-puter, etc.  How is an exam invigilator to tell what other functions a candidate’s calculator offers?

On the other hand, maybe that’s supremely unimportant too.  A candidate with the nouse to google is going to find school exams utterly trivial, too.  And once you’re at university level, the ability to use available resources – including google – is a core part of the skillset you’re supposed to be demonstrating.