New toy

I have a new toy: an Acer Revo box, which I’m using as a desktop.  Ideally I’d’ve liked something ARM-powered (for low power consumption), but the Acer has an Atom processor, which seems to be the best available in the real world without having to DIY hardware.

It’s a lovely box: tiny size (smaller than a laptop, due to the latter having a screen), sleek to look at, and blissfully quiet.  And Acer evidently believe in people who dual-boot: the machine was supplied with three disc partitions, of which one was formatted but unused by the inevitable windows installation.  So that’s somewhere to install a real OS without losing the windoze games supplied (I have yet to play them, but …).

I’ve now got around to installing Linux on it.  This required a bit of reading TFM, as it has neither a floppy nor a CDROM drive, so I had to figure out making a bootable installation image on a USB stick.  I selected a kubuntu image, and after some faff with the install (the installer wanted to do something strange with the partitions, so I ran fdisk by hand instead) I have a working kubuntu.  Some more faff getting the display to work correctly (cursing the absence of xorg.conf, and installing a non-free nvidia driver), and it’s up and running.  Wow, it’s been quite a few years since a linux install didn’t “just work” without my having to do anything!

And I´m reminded just how long it is since I used KDE: I’ve run gnome on both linux and solaris variants for some years.  It seems really strange now, and I’m missing gnome’s nice little dock for my favourite apps.  Time will tell if I stick with it or switch!

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