Turning the season

After the wettest November on record, extended into early December[1], the weather seems finally to have turned.  Yesterday was dry, overnight was colder with fog, and today has been fine: sufficiently so that I never felt the likelihood of getting soaked while out without a waterproof.  Feels like a distant memory when I could last do that, even if in reality it was as recent as late October!

At the same time, it must be the earliest dusk of the year, almost to the day.  That is, astronomically and geographically speaking.  In reality the change in the weather has brought us the opposite: after weeks of dominant gloom with only the occasional bright spell, today brought a brighter note.  Up Whitchurch Down, the dusk was bright and the sky colourful at around 4:30 – just after sunset.  And from now on it’s a gradual improvement in the underlying hours.  It may be the middle of winter, but it suddenly feels better than anything since the thief of time plunged us into gloom in October.  We may have four weeks of humbug still to endure before the season has truly turned, but today is a beginning.

[1] As evidenced by the water levels in our local reservoir, as well as meeja reports.

Posted on December 11, 2009, in seasons. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yay for climate change. But surely we’ve got another week to go before the actual solstice? I’d hate to think our summer was past half-way already.

  2. Not sure about NZ. But here the earliest sunset is not the same as the winter solstice. Sunset turns before sunrise, and there are between two and three weeks when both are getting slightly later. Solstice falls in the middle of that.

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