Daily Archives: November 17, 2009


I’ve just been to view a cottage I feel quite positive about.  Blogging here in the hope it’ll help reach a decision on it.  It’s a living room and a kitchen/diner downstairs, with bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs.  The overall size is just about enough to be comfortable, with the pleasant dining area and better second-bedroom size being clear advantages compared to the current place.  Above all, it’s going to be quieter than here.


  • Solid cottage build with thick walls, modernised to a decent standard and in good decorative order.
  • Meets all my basic needs without serious shortcomings.
  • Village location presumed quiet (except for the church which is right next door, and tolled the hour while I was there).
  • Easy cycling into the city, and walkable to Tesco.  Also edge of Dartmoor.
  • Adequate ‘phone signal (though no 3g) and ADSL.


  • No outdoor storage, so the bike has to occupy indoor space.  The current tenants have one bedroom as a storage room with bikes, surfboards, etc; I’d have to do similar.  So no spare room, just one bedroom + one office.
  • No gas: electric heating for hot water, and night storage heating.  Can’t see myself using that and having it hot all day (unless I were to go down with a lurgy sufficiently bad to need warmth) which loses the convenience of being able to turn the heating on if I have visitors who expect it.  As against that, there’s a working fireplace in the sitting room that could serve, in principle at least.
  • There’s a horrible built-in oven and hob.  The latter (which is what I mostly use) is solid electric.  This is what I’ll find a daily pain 😦
  • The garden is going to be hard work, with an expanse of very uneven lawn to manage.
  • Lacking a few nonessential nice-to-haves, like real views, or space for a dishwasher, or a w.c. separate from the bathroom.

So do I take it, or go on looking?