Text spam

Dear Lazyweb, is there any way of fighting text-message spam?

I’ve already tried ‘phoning O2 and asking them, but they tell me they can’t (or won’t) do anything. Do any of the other UK providers offer a service that’ll block a sender, or block on a keyword in the message (like, everything that starts with FREEMSG)?

Or if I can’t block it, how about as a poor second-best, programming my ‘phone to drop them without bothering me?  The ‘phone is a Nokia E71 (Symbian s60), so any hints for that would be ideal.  Kind-of, procmail-for-text-messages or similar.  Or if I could do it on Maemo, that might help incentivise me to go out and buy a tablet ‘puter, though I’d still want to use the E71 for day-to-day use as it’s more comfortable in the hand and the pocket than something bigger.

Oh, and if any legislators are reading, how about legislating for us to be given a rejection button for junk phone calls and texts, that’ll cause the sender to be charged real money (e.g. £5 per call should mount up, though £50 would be better).  Money to be collected by the telco and donated to charity – less a small administrative fee to be determined by ofcom.

p.s. if any reader has power to do anything with it, the number that just spammed me to induce me to write this is 07833 992283 (UK) or +44 7833 992283 internationally.  If publishing the number here attracts any kind of inconvenience to that shit, then good.

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  1. Ofcom basically farms the whole issue off to the office of the Information Commissioner. The best they offer is to sign up to a “Do not call” register, which also covers unsolicited SMSs. (http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/)

    I did that, years ago, after getting a couple of spam texts. Hard to say whether it made a difference – I got a couple more spam texts over the following year and duly reported them, but I have no idea if anything happened.

    Write to your MP. There’s an election coming up. If you want to take the matter seriously, look for a UK-based consumer group that’s willing to take it up. (I’ve done searches, but it’s hard to do a UK-centric search from down here. Google keeps redirecting me…)

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