It’s bin-day tonight.  Our (weekly) garbage collection happens Tuesday mornings.

I’ve just thrown away a bunch of good metal lids.  The glass jars (and bottles) they come from have gone to the recycling, but lids are not wanted with the glass!

It feels wrong.  These are good metal: can’t they be recycled too?  Another recycling bin combines tins of all kinds, from the light aluminium of drinks cans, to the much heavier food tins things like tinned tomatoes come in.  That’s an eclectic mix of different metals: can’t lids from a pickle jar go in with them?  It’s unclear: most of those lids have a non-metal surface – usually a thin film of something plastic-ish facing the food.  Would that mess something up?

Similarly some things have plastic lids: can those go in the recycling bin for plastic bottles?

Can the recycling industry provide clear guidelines on such things?  For example, where the bottle bank tells you to remove lids, perhaps it could suggest where metal and plastic lids can be recycled.

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  1. Plastic lids can go into the plastic bottle collection if they’re of a collectable type (usually 1, 2, 5, 6 and sometimes 4). Most are OK.

    The best thing to do with jam jars is to freecycle them for jam-makers and chutney-makers to use. We never have enough and a few are lost each time to accidents (and the smashed jars go into the recycling bin at a bottle bank – they’re not safe for our kerbsorted box).

    There was a website at which isn’t working for me just now.

    Clear guidelines are difficult: there are too many different collection systems in use across the country.

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