Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Grockle Island

Escaping from Tavistock’s worst week, we’re taking a couple of days away.  Not far away: a guest house in Ilfracombe, on the north coast of Devon.  An attractive area in many ways, on the coast path (long-distance walk) and just near Exmoor (national park), among other things.

Today we took the ferry to Lundy Island, which is known mostly for its wildlife, particularly seabirds, which nest in huge numbers on the cliffs that almost completely encircle the island.  We’re out of season for the most exciting bird life, but that was somewhat compensated by a distant sight of seals in the water, down the cliff on the eastern (more sheltered) side of the island.

A drawback with that is that we took the main tourist boat, which meant as we started out we were amongst a great crowd.  We diverted ASAP from the main tourist route, after which things were more relaxed.  Worse, the boat’s timetable said return at 18:00, which should’ve given us us the day on the island, but they then told us the return was at 15:30 to arrive back at 18:00, leaving us a little under three and a half hours on the island.  That puts us under time pressure, and makes the extortionate cost of the overcrowded and less-than-comfortable crossing seem poor value.  Lesson: if and when we go again, don’t make it a day-trip!

Back at the guest house, and enjoying the tranquillity.  It’s far quieter evening than anything I encounter at home, and reminds me of an important aspect of what I’m looking for in a new place.