mod_proxy_html bugfix 3.1.1

It’s always gratifying to get constructive feedback from users.  That includes bug reports backed by sufficient information to make a diagnosis.

The bug I’ve just fixed today must’ve been there unreported[1] for years: the code in question is unchanged since 2004.  It won’t affect most users, but it hits when ProxyHTMLMeta is On and parsing the <meta> tag fails, which can happen due to capitalisation.  And it’s serious: it dereferences a null pointer and segfaults!

This is sufficiently serious to merit an immediate new bugfix release, 3.1.1, which should be published within a few hours.  Thanks to user Jie Gao for reporting the bug and supplying a perfect test case!

While I’m on the subject, another user pointed out that 3.x won’t compile on Apache 2.0 for a trivial reason.  While 2.0 support isn’t really a priority any more (Apache 2.0 users can of course run mod_proxy_html 2.5), I don’t want to break it gratuitously.  So I fixed that too.  (I made a corresponding fix in mod_xml2enc in svn, but that doesn’t call for a new release).

[1] or if there were reports that trace back to this, they were too vague to be useful.

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  1. Talk about timely. Look, I’m a developer who is trying to integrate Glassfish and Apache using reverse proxies according to the instructions contained on I have 2 immediate issues related to compiling Apache modules. I have 2.2.6 installed on Fedora 8 (we are using an Amazon AMI we have modified) and I cannot locate the source files for the *.h files to include:

    #include “mod_xml2enc.h”

    Another tact would be to locate an RPM that installs all that I need… But if that’s not possible, I continue.

    I know I can compile only the module and don’t have to do apache in full, but I don’t know where to locate these files, or if once located, know whether they are version sensitive or not. If you could point me to where I can locate the files and provide me with any other critical information i need to know before attempting this for the first time, I will be eternally grateful.

    Better yet, although it doesn’t seem like you are taking on any extra work, if you would like to shoot me a quote, I would be very interested in you doing this properly.

    Again, I thank you for your contributions to the community and thank you ahead of time for any reply you have the time to make.

    Curtis Fisher
    Professional Content LLC
    Office: 5100 Blue Ridge Blvd
    Mail: 6222 Raytown Trafficway #193
    Raytown, MO 64133
    SkypeID: curtis.fisher2
    Skype Line: 816.298.0492
    Bus: 816.668.3650
    FAX: 816.581.8966

  2. I just installed mod_proxy_html 3.1.2 (using apxs) on a default
    CentOS 5.4 box.
    Everything works as expected but there is a nasty problem.
    All closing link-tags ( [/link] ) are removed from html pages handled
    by mod_proxy_html. I tried tons of different settings, e.g. removing the default rule for links, updated libxml2, wrote simple html-testpages using different forms of link-tags to investigate this further.
    But every string “[/link]” is missing from the output html.
    Today I will try on a Fedora 12 box, but the web server runs CentOS …

  3. Did some further checking. It happens with Fedora 12 and the mod_proxy_html package that is part of the Fedora distribution (also 3.1.2).
    I finally came up with the idea to add link tags to a static web page
    that has been successfully “proxied” via a web server with mod_proxy_html
    for years now (so absolutely no change to old apache configuration).
    Same result – the closing link-tag is missing from the output.
    That server is using mod_proxy_html 3.0.0

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