Body disintegrating?

This must be part of advancing middle-age.

The tennis-elbow is better than it was: I can even (with care) sleep on my right side!  But I still have my longstanding issues: can’t sleep in the wrong bed, sit in wrong chair, etc without the back suffering; even the wrong shoes give me back pain, and pretty-much any collar or wristwatch gives me neck pain.

Well, I’m used to all that.  Indeed, the difficulty with other people’s choice of desks and chairs is one of my main reasons for avoiding employment in a regular office: at home, I get to choose, and I can move around when I need a change of posture.  I last sat long-term in someone else’s office in 1998, and my back has in fact been much better since then, despite the expanding paunch.

But now it’s cramp.  I’m not at all used to that, at least when not engaged in exceptional activity.  But today, and once or twice recently while out cycling, I find that anything substantial in certain pockets leads to cramp in the leg.  Today it was the ‘phone: I was finding it annoying in my right above-the-knee pocket, so moved it to the left, and after a mile or so had cramp in the left leg (ouch)!  Moving it back to the right fixed that, but for how long?  Will I start finding cycling or even walking a problem?  Bah, Humbug 😦


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  1. There are many options for carrying a phone other than in one’s pocket. Mine is attached to my belt. (Anything with a strap will do.) I couldn’t swear to it, but I think I’ve also seen an option involving Velcro pads to attach it to any clothing you like…

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